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Roughcasting Glasgow

Roughcasting Glasgow

Roughcast rendering is an excellent way to give your home a modern finish and a softer looking texture. When it comes to roughcasting, the finish is everything. We create an even finish across the property to create the straight and neat look that you would expect with a wide range of decorative aggregate finishes.

Resurfacing Glasgow

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to resurfacing your exterior walls. Each has benefits as well as a unique appearance. Our expert team can assist you with the surface best suited for your home, and technical aspects of your property.

Countrywide Roof and Walls operate throughout Scotland with over 30 years of experience our expert tradesmen carryout all domestic and commercial work. New roofs, UPVC roofline, wall repairs and roughcasting are our specialties and we undertake all types of domestic and commercial roofing contracts.

Countrywide Roof and Walls are roughcasting and resurfacing specialists.Our team have over 30 years experience in resurfacing and roughcasting we undertake all domestic work. Our roughcasting expertise include Dry Dash, Wet Cast and Smooth Render. Our resurfacing expertise includes Pebbledash, Spar Dash, Lime Render, Acrylic Render, Plaster, Masonry Coatings and Exterior Paint.



Countrywide Roof and Walls are roofers Glasgow loves! Local to Glasgow and with over 30 years of experience in the roofing trade our expert tradesmen carryout all domestic and commercial work across Scotland.

New roofs, roof repairs, UPVC rooflines, wall Repairs and roughcasting are our specialities and we undertake all types of  domestic and commercial roofing contracts from roofing repair to roof replacement.

Countrywide Roof and Walls are roughcasting and resurfacing specialists based in Glasgow. With over 30 years experience in resurfacing and roughcasting we undertake all domestic work.

Our roughcasting expertise include Dry Dash, Wet Cast and Smooth Render. Our resurfacing expertise includes Pebbledash, Spar Dash, Lime Render, Acrylic Render, Plaster, Masonry Coatings and Exterior Paint.

New Roofs, Roof Repairs, UPVC Rooflines, Wall Repairs, Roughcasting

New Roofs, Roof Re-Tiling, UPVC Roofline, Wall Repairs, Roughcasting, Masonry Wall Coating.

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