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We Provide a Full Service Throughout Mainland Scotland, specialising in flat roofs for domestic properties. With over 30 years of experience, our team has mastered the art of flat roofing. We use Firestone RubberCover EPDM Roofing on all flat roof projects.

Firestone EPDM Flat Roofing System.

The Firestone EPDM flat roofing system is perfect for domestic properties, using rubber membranes to create a watertight, durable solution. The Firestone EPDM is an insulated roof system which saves energy and improves room heat quality.

Benefits of the Firestone EPDM System

    • 20 year guarantee provided on all flat roofs.
    • Little or no maintenance is required.
    • Lightweight.
    • Superior Durability.
    • Firestone EPDM is unaffected by UV or OZONE degradation.
    • Product lifespan of up to 50 Years.
    • Little or no seaming.
    • Ecological with high elasticity.
    • Saves energy and improves heat quality.
    • Fully adhered system (meaning no flames required during installation).

Firestone EPDM is manufactured in ISO14001 certified factories that also operate to ISO 9001 quality management standards. On top of high-quality standards, Firestone EPDM has a very low economic impact. It is widely recognised as having the lowest environmental impact of any roofing membrane material

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Why Choose a Flat Roof?

Flat roofs are incredibly versatile and require very little maintenance. On top of this, they have an incredible lifespan and are extremely economical, saving you money on your energy.


Having only a slight pitch means flat roofs are more accesible that roofs with steeper pitches. Being more accessible makes these roofs easier to maintain, helping you avoid costly repairs at a later date.


Using the Firestone EPDM, our flat roofs come with a lifespan of up to 50 years making this roofing choice extremely versatile. The design of flat roofs also allows for clever, non-obtrusive installation of solar panels.

Energy efficient

Firestone EPDM flat roofs use thermally efficient materials which help to prevent heat escaping through the roof. This means that you can use less energy to heat your building.


Flat roofs are notoriously cost-effective. Due to the design flat roofs can be installed quickly using high quality, flexible materials.

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